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Social dumping agreement reached

The government has reached agreement with the Red Greens to stop foreign companies shirking the rules.

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The government and the Red Greens have agreed to increase efforts to stop social dumping, among other initiatives by enabling the Danish Working Environment Authority to issue immediate fines to foreign companies who contravene employment rules.

Social dumping is the malpractice by which some foreign companies ignore Danish employment laws in order to under-bid Danish companies.

Last week, Employment Minister Mette Frederiksen (SocDem) announced increased monitoring of foreign companies in, among others, the building, cleaning and transport sectors.

“Let me say that foreign companies are generally very welcome here in Denmark. But it has been too easy for a minority to get around the Danish rules. Danish businesses should not be prone to unfair competition from people who do not follow the rules,” Frederiksen says.

The Red Greens are delighted with the new agreement, which they say will provide more jobs for Danes.

“We have thousands of unemployed Danish construction workers because foreign companies operate in the country illegally,” Red Green Labour Market Spokesman Finn Sørensen tells DR.

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