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Women in Denmark melanoma-prone

At least 800 women in Denmark are diagnosed with melanoma each year, a Nordic record.

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Women in Denmark appear to have an unfortunate Nordic record – topping the list of Nordic women who are diagnosed with melanoma.

Denmark is also, according to figures from the NORDCAN data base, the Nordic country that has had the greatest increase in melanoma over the past decade.

According to the Danish Cancer Society, which is urging women to stop using solaria, the past decade has seen the risk of contracting melanoma increase by six per cent per year.

“And that is a lot,” says Peter Dalum, project manager for the Danish Cancer Society and Trygfondens Solkampagne (Ed: the Tryg Foundation Sun Campaign), adding Danish women must become better at protecting themselves.

If current levels continue some 1,900 women will be diagnosed in 2030.

Many cases of melanoma could be prevented if women improved their sunbathing/tanning habits.

One measure the Danish Cancer Society and Trygfondens Solkampagne are focusing on is the introduction of new legislation regarding solaria, where rays are often very strong and can reach a UV index of 12.

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