Asylum teenagers attempt suicides

The Red Cross is helping four young asylum seekers after what may have been a coordinated suicide attempt.

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Four young asylum-seeking women, who are believed to be Afghan of origin, have attempted to commit suicide at two Danish asylum centres.

“We have never experienced anything even remotely like this, “ says Red Cross Health Spokesman Svend Erik Brande. Due to his duty of confidentiality, Brande is not able to disclose details of the cases, and it is not clear how close to suicide the four teenagers were.

According to Politiken’s information the attempts took place at the Auderød and Vipperød centres. It remains unclear whether the four had entered into a suicide pact.

“Luckily, suicides are very rare at Red Cross centres. There have been two incidents since 2001,” Brande says, adding that friends, relatives, nurses or schools normally inform authorities if they feel someone needs help to come out of a depression.

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Edited by Julian Isherwood

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