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Corydon: GDP not too encouraging

The latest GDP figures are not particularly heartening.

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Danes are holding back on consumption with the result that Danish growth is suffering, according to Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon.

The latest figures from Statistics Denmark show that Denmark’s Third Quarter growth was at 0.1 per cent, just barely avoiding a technical recession.

“Denmark is still in the midst of an economic crisis and the turnaround has not come yet. Although GDP has marginally increased, the figures are not particularly encouraging,” Corydon tells Ritzau adding: “We have to accept that Danes are sensibly holding back on consumption as a reaction to the Eurozone debt crisis.”

The government has previously said that it expects growth of 0.9 per cent this year and 1.7 per cent in 2013, but both domestic economists and the OECD have suggested that the figures are too optimistic.

Corydon still believes, however, that next year will be better than 2012.

“There are grounds to be carefully optimistic about 2013 when the government’s many initiatives will help to foster growth and employment,” Corydon says.

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