Brian Sandberg (left) and Jørgen Jøncke Nielsen. Archive.
Foto: Jens Dresling (arkiv)/POLFOTO

Brian Sandberg (left) and Jørgen Jøncke Nielsen. Archive.

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HA and Bandidos talks break down

Talks between the two biker groups have stopped.

News in English

Contacts between the Hells Angels and Bandidos biker groups on a peace agreement have broken down, the Hells Angels Spokesman Jørgen Jøncke Nielsen is reported as telling the BT newspaper.

“Negotiations have broken down,” he is reported as saying. The breakdown comes following news that a former leading Hells Angels member, Brian Sandberg has joined the Bandidos.

Jøncke Nielsen says the move is a ‘breach of trust’, despite the fact that Sandberg pulled out of the Hells Angels with the acceptance label ‘Left’, claiming he wanted more time to devote to his family.

Sandberg’s move to the Hells Angels rival may have changed both the HA view of Sandberg and not least of the Bandidos, with whom the Hells Angels were engaged in a turf war in the 1990s that cost the lives of several people.

Although there have been some minor incidents between the two since the 1990s, bilateral talks have in general managed to keep the peace.

But according to Jøncke Nielsen talks have now been stopped and the trust built up between the two has been lost.

News of the breakdown comes a day after Zealand police raided 52 gangland addresses in connection with police information that a gang war could be imminent. Apart from raiding properties housing those with connections to older gangs, officers also searched properties connected to the La Razza immigrant group.

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