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Cold white weekend

Saturday will be relatively sunny, Sunday windy and snowy

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The cold snap that has gripped Denmark in recent days is due to continue in most regions, with daytime temperatures close to freezing, but some sunny periods as well.

“It’s going to remain wintry, but with quite a difference between Saturday and Sunday,” says Met Office Duty Officer Michael Skelbæk.

Today will remain relatively dry and with temperatures just below zero. Saturday will begin overcast and with a couple of centimetres of snow in some parts, but with sunny weather in the afternoon, and with little wind it will not feel so cold.

That will change on Saturday evening when temperatures drop to between 10 and 12 degrees below with a low pressure system moving towards Denmark from the North Sea.

“On Saturday night it will be overcast with snow. High winds will cause drifting snow,” Skelbæk says, but adds that conditions will be different in various parts of the country.

In West and Central Jutland slightly rising temperatures will bring rain instead of snow in some places. Northern and eastern regions can expect snowdrifts.

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