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Flu outbreak going strong

Many are still bedridden due to the Christmas flu outbreak.

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Although the Christmas holidays have now ended, many Danes are still away from work due to the outbreak of flu that hit Denmark up to the Xmas period.

The Capital Region Influenza Committee says that the outbreak is the worst to hit Denmark since November 2009, when the Swine flu or H1N1 pandemic hit the country.

Greater Copenhagen seems to have been worst hit over the Xmas holidays, with emergency doctors having to call in extra staff to answer the many calls from an ailing general public.

“We haven’t experienced anything like this since 2009. We have had minor outbreaks since then, but nothing that has caused as much work for the emergency doctors,” says Flu Committee Chairman Prof. Jens Lundgren.

Despite the extra work, Lundgren says he is happy that people appear to have been taking the outbreak seriously.

“If flu develops into, for example, pneumonia, it is a serious matter and can be life threatening,” he says, adding that some people have been admitted to intensive care wards.

“We will not know quite how many have been admitted to intensive care wards, or have died as a result of complications, before next week at the earliest,” he says.

Despite the many cases of flu, the national Serum Institute says the 2012-2013 outbreak has not been of epidemic proportions.

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