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Tax minister to TV anchor

Former Tax Minister Thor Möger Pedersen has gone to TV.

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Thor Möger Pedersen, the former tax minister who was shuffled out of the cabinet by the new Socialist People’s Party Leader Annette Vilhelmsen, has decided to move out of party politics and into a different limelight as a TV anchor at Danmarks Radio.

“I’m changing tracks. I’ve been active at the front line of party politics for ten years; it’s time to try something new,” 28-year-old Möger Pedersen tells

“It’s very exciting. I can’t say now what will happen in the future – that would be dangerous,” he adds.

Möger Pedersen is to anchor a debate programme for Danmarks Radio’s DR2 channel which will be known as ‘The Street Parliament’. He will remain a member of the Socialist People’s Party. He is not a member of parliament.

“We will be broadening out the public debate. Although politicians will have a large share of the debate, I also think that the Danes should also be heard. That brings democracy alive and as such I am looking forward to my new job,” he says.

Asked whether his decision to leave active politics was the result of the new party leadership, Möger Pedersen says he has decided to change direction and leave active party politics, and therefore does not want ‘to comment on the development of the Socialist People’s Party’.

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Edited by Julian Isherwood

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