Amin Skov arrested suspected of arson

Police to search restaurant owner’s home

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Southeast Jutland police have arrested restaurant owner Amin Skov on suspicion of having started a fire at his own Restaurant Vejlegården.

Vejlegården Restaurant has been the centre of controversy in a turf battle between the 3F union and Skov, who entered into a location agreement with another union.

“There is no doubt that the Vejlegården fire was deliberate. Several fire points and inflammable liquids leave no doubt,” a news release from the Southeast Jutland police says.

“We feel that our investigation provides the basis for the arrest and charges. We have found nothing to point elsewhere,” Insp. Brian Olsen writes.

Amin Skov is to be questioned and his house searched.

“I would like to say that the arrest and charge is the result of an extensive and thorough investigation. It will be up to the prosecutor to decide whether to indict and eventually up to the courts to decide on guilt. As things stand we are simply following what we have found, as we are supposed to,” Olsen says.

As late as yesterday, Amin Skov repeated in an interview with that he had been attacked in his restaurant while he was doing the accounts. He said he had been hit on the head, lost consciousness and woke up to thick smoke in the restaurant after which he escaped through a window.

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