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Back to the cold weather

Colder wintry weather is returning to Denmark.

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The above-zero temperatures of the past few days are soon a thing of the past, according to the Met Office.

“The winter weather is returning and it looks as if it will continue for the rest of the week – and it doesn’t seem that we’ll be getting milder weather within the next 10 days,” says Duty Met Officer Thyge Rasmussen.

Winds will be northerly, bringing colder, frosty weather in their wake.

“Daytime temperatures in the next few days will be just above zero, but sub-zero temperatures will be coming back again,” Rasmussen says.

From Thursday temperatures will drop below zero both during the day and night and as we move towards the weekend, temperatures can plummet down to about minus 10 degrees.

The cold weather will also be bringing snow and hail with it.

“Not so much snow, but there will be flurries across the country throughout the week and more snow across the country towards the end of the week,” Rasmussen says.

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