Russian captain detained

A Russian captain is to appear in court for sailing under the influence.

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The captain of the Russian cargo vessel Ametist has been detained suspected of sailing his vessel under the influence of alcohol.

Admiral Fleet Denmark, which monitors Danish waters, was in contact with the northbound 90-metre vessel, but during a conversation with the captain suspected he was drunk and contacted the police.

“We went out there, boarded the vessel and deemed the person sailing the vessel was under the influence,” says Copenhagen Police Duty Officer Henrik Olesen.

The 59-year-old captain was breathalysed and a blood sample is to precisely determine his blood-alcohol level.

Depending on how high it is, he can either expect an immediate sentence or a fine before we release the ship,” Olesen says, adding the captain is to be presented in court later today. The vessel is currently believed to be at anchor off Copenhagen.

It is the second time in under a month that a Russian captain has been detained for sailing under the influence. At the beginning of January the captain of the Sunny Maria was arrested and presented in court for drunken sailing.

He was sentenced to 30 days and banned from entering Denmark for six years.

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