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Dull weekend, snowstorm next week

A dull and grey weekend ahead – and then a snowstorm.

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The coming weekend is likely to be grey, cold and windy, to be followed early next week with a regular snowstorm, according to the Met Office.

“This weekend is going to be grey, dull, windy and cold – not really typical March weather,” says DMI’s Duty Meteorologist Bill Vejdegren, adding that the wintry weather will continue and winds will freshen.

Today’s weather will start relatively clement across most of the country; sunny and dry and not much wind. But as the day wears on cloudy weather will spread from the west, reaching the Great Belt in the late afternoon.

As the weekend progresses the wind will be picking up, with some sleet or snow across most of the country. Due to the wind, the chill factor will make it feel around minus 15 degrees, DMI says.

As of Monday, DMI says Denmark should prepare itself for a regular snowstorm.

“It will probably start on Monday night, with snow and drifting snow in most areas,” Vejdegren says.

“On Tuesday it looks as if we will be getting snow across the country and it will be windy – probably a snowstorm,” he adds.

The Met Office is advising people to pay attention to the weather forecasts over the next few days.

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