GPs threaten closures

Doctors are threatening to close their surgeries if the government intervenes.

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General practitioners are threatening to close their group medical surgeries if the government intervenes in a dispute between doctors and the Danish Regions.

Ritzau reports that the Danish Regions have decided this morning to terminate the current agreement between the two parties. Other media reports this morning suggest government intervention is in the making, and may be introduced today.

“If intervention is just close to what the regions have put in front of us, patients will find a closed door to their surgeries,” General Practitioner Chairman Henrik Dibbern tells Jyllands-Posten.

Dibbern says that closure will include all of the country’s 2100 group medical surgeries simultaneously. And not just for one or two days.

DR says that the government already has intervention in the dispute ready and is expected to announce its move later in the day. According to DR, intervention has already been cleared with the Liberal Party.

Intervention is expected to include measures that confirm some of the Danish Regions central issues, including stopping GPs’ right to veto the location of group medical practices, leaving location completely in the remit of the regions.

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