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Accused admit National Archive theft

Over a thousand WWII documents taken

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Two men accused of stealing WWII documents from the National Archives have admitted having taken 1045 documents.

The two men – 53-year-old KDV and 47-year-old HI – are appearing in court on charges of having stolen 1062 documents valued by the prosecutor at between 1.5 and 3 million kroner, between 2009 and 2012.

Appearing in court for the first time, the two men’s defence attorneys pleaded them partially guilty in taking 1045 documents but contested the value of the collection, which was found in good condition at the 53-year-old’s house. HI denied having sold any of the documents.

According to the prosecution, the men ripped pages out of the National Archives collection and smuggled them out in a hollowed out container. The documents are predominantly papers relating to Denmark’s occupation during World War II and the legal processes that took place after the end of the war.

The two men were also charged with, and admitted to, weapons charges involving a large collection of deactivated World War II weapons.

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