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It may seem OK to the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (Ed: call sign 'klit') in Little Rock, but a Danish vacation centre has had to change its name after 60 years in order not to annoy digital spam and firewall sensibilities.

Previously known as the Skallerup Klit Holiday Centre, the centre has decided to change its name to the Skallerup Seaside Resort due to increasing problems with spam filters and firewalls that do not realise that ‘klit’ is the Danish word for sand dune.

“In recent years we’ve had increasing problems with online information and mails because they include the word ‘klit’. The information is simply jettisoned by spam filters and firewalls because of the name,” Director Niels Bro tells Nordjyske Stiftstidende.

“At one point a news mail from VisitDenmark to British recipients was jammed by a spam filter because the e-mail included an article about Skallerup Klit,” he added. VisitDenmark is Denmark’s official national tourism authority.

The 273-bungalow, seaside holiday centre is now to change both its name and logo so it can avoid its previous problems and is better armed for international online marketing.

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