Justice Minister Morten Bødskov. Archive.

Justice Minister Morten Bødskov. Archive.

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Hackers have got into the identity register

Changes may have taken place to the driving licence register.

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The police driving licence register, including the personal identity (CPR) number register were hacked in the summer of 2012 and may have been changed, with hackers also having retrieved information about CPR numbers and people posted as wanted in the Schengen area, according to the Danish national police.

The police say that data hackers may also have had access to registers from the Tax Authority and the Modernisation Agency, in a previously undiscovered attack that seems to have gone on from April to August 2012.

The Security and Intelligence Agency and specialists from the Defence Intelligence Cyber Security Unit are currently investigating the break-in. A Swedish national currently in prison in Sweden is suspected of being involved, with Denmark applying for his extradition. A Danish man is also believed to have been involved in the attack.

“This has been a serious breach of the IT security that there must be in connection with police registers,” says National Police Commissioner Jens Henrik Højberg in a news release.

The Security and Intelligence Agency has been tasked with making sure that the necessary security procedures are in place in order to make sure that similar attacks cannot take place in the future.

The break-in is said to have taken place in central computers at the CSC company.

Justice Minister Morten Bødskov says all available resources are being used to investigate the hacker attack.

“I can fully understand people who are worried about a security failure involving police registers, and I can fully understand those who want an answer as to whether the failure has any influence on their affairs,” Bødskov says.

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