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Danish mobiles hit by roaming crash

Most Danish telecom companies use the same roaming provider.

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If you have friends, families or business associates are travelling around Europe, they may be having problems sending or receiving calls and short messages due to a crash at the roaming company that services most of the Danish telecoms providers.

The problems over the weekend that 3’s customers have experienced are also affecting Telenor and TDC – the latter of which has particular problems in France.

Many Danes abroad in Europe are unable, it seems, to call out, use the short messaging system, access the internet with their cell phones or receive calls or messages.

“When something goes wrong in Denmark, we normally have the expertise to solve the problems. But this is new for us,” TDC’s Press Spokesman Rasmus Avnskjold tells, adding that like 3, TDC uses iBasis as a roaming subcontractor, and the problem is with them.

“So it’s not in our hands,” he says.

TDC’s internet site does not have information on the crash as Avnskjold says the problem is with the company’s subcontractor.

“It’s a difficult problem to communicate about because we really don’t know anything. The last message from iBasis is that there are only serious problems in France and they expect the problems to be solved soon,” Avnskjold says.

While 3, Telenor and TDC have problems, Telia does not – probably because it has another roaming supplier – Teliasonera International Carrier.

TDC says that it will inform its customers as soon as the system is fully back online.

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Edited by Julian Isherwood

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