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Nocturnal Metro construction to stop

Noisy out of hours construction of the Copenhagen metro is to stop.

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The Environmental Board of Appeal has today ordered the Metro company to stop its night-time construction of the Copenhagen metro around the Marmorkirken church, according to an interim decision Politiken has obtained.

“The Environmental Board of Appeal has revoked a decision by Copenhagen Council on July 15, 2013 that any complaints concerning The Council’s order of the same date regarding conditions for noisy activities at the construction site near Marmorkirken in Copenhagen will not have any delaying effect on activities,” the decision says.

The interim decision means that metro construction must take place under the previous rules and cease to take place after 18.00 hrs. According to Politiken’s information, the decision already takes effect from today.

The ruling is a victory for neighbours to the site. Neighbours have vehemently opposed the council’s decision, which they see as illegal.

“We applaud the decision, which completely overrules the council,” says Maya Glem, spokeswoman for the residential associations in the area.

It was on July 15 that Copenhagen Council’s Technical and Environmental Administration gave the go-ahead for night-time construction works at noise levels of up to 87 decibels. The Council added that complaints would not be able to delay construction.

Local residential associations however, led by Environment Law Professor Peter Pagh, immediately complained to the Environmental Board of Appeal.

The Board has found that the Council’s decision not to allow complaints to have a delaying effect was unacceptable given the major environmental issues involved.

The Board’s interim decision takes immediate effect and continues until a final decision has been reached. The Board’s consultant tells that such cases can take up to five months to be concluded.

The construction of the Copenhagen Metro is already well-behind schedule at several of its construction sites. The company has previously said that out of hours construction is necessary if the metro is to be finished in 2018.

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