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Carlsberg applies to fire 130

Carlsberg has asked the Labour Court for permission to lay off tappers

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Carlsberg Brewery has applied to the Labour Court for permission to sack 130 tappers who have been on strike for the past two weeks, Shop Steward Lars Schultz tells

The application comes after the brewery has announced that it is running out of kegs of draft beer to deliver to customers. If laid off, sacked workers will be able to re-apply for their jobs but Schultz says but is unable to say whether they will be given them.

The tappers are on strike in a union dispute after a newly-employed electrician has refused to be a member of a union. Fagbladet disclosed last week that it is the first time that an employee in the department has refused to join a union.

The Labour Court has already returned a decision that the strike is unlawful under site agreements. Tapper employees were ordered to return to work and are being fined as long as they refuse to do so.

While the strike is having a serious effect on available supplies of kegs of draught beer, it is not affecting bottled beer, which the tappers concerned do not handle.

The Labour Court is expected to hand down its decision this afternoon.

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