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Britain and Denmark top alcohol list

The latest statistics from the OECD show Britain and Denmark at the top of the youth drunkenness chart.

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British and Danish 13-15 year-olds top the OECD’s list of young people who have been drunk at least twice, according to a health survey of young teenagers in 24 OECD countries.

According to the Comparative Child Well-being survey, 31.6 percent of Danish youths in the age group have been drunk at least twice, putting Denmark in second place after Britain where 33 percent had been drunk at least twice.

The United States ranks lowest in this indicator at 11.9 percent.

Less smoke
While the two countries top the list on youth alcohol, they come in under average in the smoking list where 15 percent of 15 year-olds in both Denmark and Britain say they smoke at least once per week. Here, Austria tops the list with 27 percent of 15 year-olds saying they smoke at least once per week.

“No one country performs well on all indicators or dimensions of child well-being. Where indicators can be compared by sex, age and migrant status, boys often have worse outcomes than girls and non-native children have worse outcomes than native children. However girls’ health behaviours are sometimes worse, as they exercise less and smoke more than boys,” the OECD survey says.

Figures are for 2005-2006.

DOCUMENTATIONSee the OECD report here(external link)

Edited by Julian Isherwood

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