Danish Crown employees vote against wage re-investment

Some 6,000 employees have said no to a wage reduction to save jobs.

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A large majority of employees at the Danish Crown Pork Division have voted down an employer-union proposal to reduce their wages in order to boost pig production and save jobs, according to Danish Crown.

TV2 reports that 60 per cent voted against the proposal which was put forward by shop stewards. Under the proposal, employees would deposit some of their wages or pensions in a 600 million kr. fund, which alongside with deposits from farmers and mortgage institutions, would create a DKK 3 billion cache.

The funds would then be used to finance more sties in order to produce Danish Crown’s hog shortfall of some three million hogs.

“As shop stewards we knew that we had chosen a new course with a proposal that employees should invest in their own jobs. But I must admit we had hoped that they would vote in favour in order to secure jobs,” says Shop Steward College Chairman Lars Mose.

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Edited by Julian Isherwood

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