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Hells Angels: Immigrants must clean up their act

The Hells Angels biker group says that the only ones who can stop the current gang war are immigrants themselves.

News in English

The bloody conflict between immigrant gangs and bikers can only be stopped if responsible immigrants take responsibility and ‘clean up in their own ranks,” according to the Hells Angels biker group on its website.

The recipe for a solution to the ongoing gang warfare in Denmark comes in answer to a contribution on the Hells Angels website from an anonymous immigrant.

My home too
“I don’t understand why the Hells Angels has become a club dedicated to wiping out immigrants (Ed: see endnote) like me,” the contributor says, adding: “Wake up – it’s not all immigrants who don’t wish Denmark well. This is my home too.”

But the Hells Angels webmaster rejects the notion that the organization is trying to kindle racial hatred.

“HAMC Denmark doesn’t want to wipe out anyone. We have immigrants, as you nicely put it, (Ed: see endnote) in our own club. But just as so many other Danes and new Danes, we are tired of the mentality that some immigrants (Ed: see endnote) have,” the webmaster writes, calling on well-integrated immigrants to help solve the conflict.

“HAMC is made up of proud men with their honour intact, which is why we have the current situation. If what is going on is to be stopped, responsible immigrants and their descendants must clean up in their own ranks,” the webmaster says.

The gang warfare between immigrant and biker groups broke out in earnest in August 2008. Since then, Politiken has registered 53 shootings in Copenhagen of which most are thought to have a direct connection to the gang conflict.

Endnote: The word actually used in the texts was the Danish word for ‘pearl’ (perle) which has both a derogatory and a non-derogatory meaning in Danish.

Edited by Julian Isherwood

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