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Joint press release

February 26th, 2010. Joint press release about the Prophet Mohammed Cartoon Drawing.

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Issued by Mr. Toger Seidenfaden, Editor-in-Chief, on behalf of Politiken and Mr Faisal A.Z. Yamani, attorney-at-law, on behalf of his clients.

The Danish national daily newspaper Politiken and the directors of 8 organizations in Egypt, Libya, Qatar, Australia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Palestine that have 94,923 members, who are descendents of the Prophet Mohammed (the "Organisations") have reached an understanding and settlement in the dispute between the Organisations and Politiken that arose out of Politiken's reprinting of the cartoon drawing of the Prophet Mohammed (the "Cartoon Drawing"), created by Mr. Kurt Westergaard, and originally published by the newspaper Jyllands-Posten on 30 September 2005 together with 11 other drawings of the Prophet Mohammed (the "Dispute).

These drawings, and in particular Mr. Westergaard's Cartoon Drawing, gave rise to civil unrest and demonstrations in many countries across the world, and in particular in Arab and Islamic countries, where the Cartoon Drawing was perceived as being defamatory of Islam and specifically of the Prophet.

Politiken reprinted Mr. Westergaard's Cartoon Drawing as part of the newspaper's news coverage and has never intended to offend Muslims in Denmark or elsewhere.

In a statement that is to be printed in Politiken's print and online editions, Politiken recognizes and deplores that the reprinting of the Cartoon Drawing offended Muslims in Denmark and in other countries around the world and apologizes to anyone who was offended by the reprinting of the Cartoon Drawing.

The Organisations and clients represented by the Law Firm of Ahmed Zaki Yamani by attorney-at-law Mr. Faisal A. Z. Yamani, of Saudi Arabia, noting Politiken's statement, confirm that the Dispute is settled, and agree not to pursue any legal or administrative action against Politiken.

Both parties express their satisfaction with this amicable understanding and settlement, and express the hope that it may in some degree contribute to defusing the present tense situation.

Both parties express their hope and conviction that the agreement may help improve the relationship between the Muslim world and Denmark and in particular the Danish media, and hope that other acts of dialogue and reconciliation may follow.

For further information contact:

Toger Seidenfaden
Executive Editor-in-Chief


Faisal A.Z. Yamani
Executive Partner, Law Firm of Ahmed Zaki Yamani



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