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Denmark considers damages from Israel

The Danish Foreign Ministry is considering demanding damages from Israel for Danish projects in Gaza that have been destroyed.

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As Israeli operations in Gaza continue, the Danish Foreign MInistry is investigating whether it can sue Israel for damage caused to Danish projects in Gaza, according to Berlingske Tidende.

Initially, Minister Ulla Tørnæs has asked her offficials to find out if there is any way that Israel can be made to pay.

"We are investigating whether there are any international precedents. But the ministry's legal officers have already told me that it is a very complicated issue," says Tørnæs.

"But I would like to make it clear that we are very much aware of the damages that have been caused to projects that are supported and partially financed by Denmark. Their destruction is unacceptable - something the ministry has made clear to the Israeli ambassador," Tørnæs says.

The projects concerned are predominantly mobile health clinics.

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